Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time and affects your everyday life.

In its mildest form, depression can mean just being in low spirits. It may not stop you from leading your normal life but makes everything harder to do and seem less worthwhile. At its most severe, depression can be life-threatening because it can make you feel suicidal or have suicidal thoughts.

“Depression for me was like an engine running on three cylinders all the time. I would never have thought that I might have been depressed.”

“Depression for me was I just wanting to walk away from everything because it felt just too much.”

“Depression for me was feeling very alone and in a dark place.”


But with time and support, you can overcome your problems, and the pain and suicidal feelings will pass.

Sharing our thoughts and feelings may help us in an understanding that we are not alone when we may feel in a crisis.


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